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About Us


Our Core Values

The InfluxGreen team strongly believes in the conservation of the environment for the overall good of planet earth. Our core values thus revolve around this aim to minimise environmental effects in order to create a conducive living environment which is good to our people, our customers, our business partners and our planet.

As such, we continue to seek innovative technologies that will provide, support and aid us in keeping these values, as well as creating values to all people, our clients and businesses.

Our Strengths

Being market driven and result oriented, InfluxGreen sets to win and deliver with following competitive advantages.

  • Extensive network across geographical regions and relevant industries

  • Dedicated team of technical professionals that continually engages in developing technologies to meet the objectives of our core values.

  • Ability to connect and provide value links via strategic alliances in several state-of-the-art technologies

  • Customer focused, personalized and precision to details

  • Young team who are willing to challenge existing norms with out-of-box ideas and solutions