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Photovoltaic String Inverters

Medium Power Series(3-phase output)

PV Inverter

InfluxGreen IGSI-10000DJ, IGSI-12000DJ

IGSI “J” 3-phase series of 10kW and 12kW family of grid-tied photovoltaic inverters are suitable for use in both commercial and light to medium industrial applications.

The rugged IP65 rated outdoor enclosure is designed to withstand the harshest of environment, giving the users a peace of mind.

The transformerless design of the inverters offers one of the highest efficiency of more than 98.2%. The high speed maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function provides real time tracking as well as improving overall energy harvesting.

The design utilizes conversion process with minimal losses and maximum reliability. The dual MPPT channels (independently of each other) provide flexibility and allow for real time power tracking independently. The objective is to provide a cost effective, reliable and efficient grid-in feed system with maximum energy harvesting capabilities.

PV Inverter

Datasheet - IGSI-10000DJ to 12000DJ