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Photovoltaic String Inverters

Small Power Series(1-phase output)

PV Inverter

InfluxGreen IGSI-1500S, IGSI-2000S, IGSI-3000S, IGSI-4000S

The IGSI-1500S to IGSI-4000S PV string inverters are suitable for use in both residential and small industrial applications, with the 3kW and 4kW model being the ideal size for a typical roof-top application of an average-sized family home.

The rugged IP65 rated outdoor enclosure is designed to withstand the harshest of environment, giving home-owners a peace of mind.

The transformerless design of the inverters offers one of the highest efficiency of more than 97%. The high speed maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function provides real time tracking as well as improving overall energy harvesting.

The wide input range of the inverter allows flexibility in the system design, making it suitable for low power installation with a reduced number of solar panel strings.

PV Inverter

Download Datasheet IGSI1500-4000